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Successful communication is the route to everything you aim to achieve - and we can help get you there.
InChrist Communications (ICC) is a national, full-spectrum, integrated communications agency primarily serving faith-based nonprofits, churches, businesses, and individuals seeking to reach the Christian media, market, and stakeholders.
We create communications through our own unique, proprietary methodologies that inspire action.

Our Values

What We Believe 

Very simply, we believe the Holy Bible is God’s inspired Word and “love letter” to every person. We also believe that Jesus Christ is God’s only son — fully God and fully man — who alone by grace through faith offers every person forgiveness, new life, and the promise of eternal life in heaven, made possible by his death on the cross and bodily resurrection from the dead. We believe God gave believers the gift of the Holy Spirit so we might live holy lives, be “a new creation” in Christ, and radiate his love.

If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and you would like to learn more about Him and the Christian faith, go to here

ICC Webinar Included in O'Dwyer's

ICC’s upcoming webinar was included in O’Dwyer’s roundup of industry news on April 17, 2024.

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