Sutherland Springs: Communicating light in times of great darkness

Having been involved in the news business for many years, I’ve dealt with so many heart-breaking situations that, if I’m honest, I’m not always deeply impacted by the latest bad headlines. But the reports out of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Nov. 5 touched me profoundly. Perhaps like
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It’s a noisy world. How will you get heard in 2017?

In uncertain times, clear communication is more important than ever You’ve probably heard the story of the wife who complained to her husband, “You never tell me you love me!” And he replied, “Well, I told you I loved you when we got married—33 years ago. If anything changes, I’ll let
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Effective Ministry Communication

Effective Ministry Communication Begins in ‘Jerusalem’

When Jesus gave his disciples the Acts 1:8 evangelism mandate regarding “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth,” he laid out a plan to saturate the globe with the gospel. Learn and model your faith first in your “Jerusalem,” he taught – even as Jesus himself did in Galil
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