Edgy PR & The Power Of New Media: Webinar Highlights Available

You need every weapon in your media armory — masterful storytelling, edgy angles, newsy hooks, and compelling digital, visual and audio content — to blast through the clutter and propel YOUR story into the spotlight.

Here’s a sneak peek of our panelists’ 5 top tips:

  1. TELL — DON’T SELL. “News” is not the same thing as “marketing.” It’s about telling the story — not selling yourself. Think of journalists as your storytelling partners, and reach out to them with a personal note.
  2. GET INTO THE GRIT. Go “granular.” Tell and show with candid images the gritty stories of real-life people and the lives you’re impacting. Better still, let them tell their own stories using raw video or unscripted audio clips.
  3. BE WILLING TO SHARE THE LIMELIGHT. Your story could be an integral part of an even bigger story. Think of ways your story fits into the greater picture of what’s happening in the news and goes beyond just your role.
  4. EMBRACE THE COUNTER CULTURAL. Strive for stories that go against the norm. Surprise journalists with a quirky angle that leaves them clamoring to know more and requesting interviews.
  5. ‘REVERSE ENGINEER’ THE NEWS. Sounds tricky, but it’s simply taking what’s trending from social media and turning it into a bigger story. Could it develop into a snappy podcast, or even a TV news feature?

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