Is Your Ministry Ready to Handle the Worst in the Best Way?

Shifting cultural attitudes mean Christ-centered ministries and organizations are increasingly at risk of attack from those opposed to biblical values.

Wise groups like the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM), which represents hundreds of ministries reaching out to the homeless and needy across the country, are making sure they are prepared to face any potential legal challenges. 

The association has produced a comprehensive guide to the issues members need to consider as Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) legislation and regulation continue to gain ground, putting them at the center of the culture clash.

If they offer services to same-sex and transgender individuals, they could become the subject of legal challenges for the way they operate. And if they don’t offer services to same-sex and transgender individuals, they could be the subject of attack for the way they operate!

Thankfully, AGRM’s leaders have recognized this and moved to well prepare their members for any challenge in a court of law.

But they and other Christian organizations also face the danger of challenge in the court of public opinion—the media and with important stakeholders—and not only on SOGI issues.

There are any number of other crisis situations that could arise and jeopardize a ministry—from natural disaster and workplace violence to financial impropriety and moral failure.

Negative media coverage can be devastating to a ministry, which is why InChrist Communications is committed to coming alongside AGRM members and helping them prepare for any attention from adversarial journalists.

When rescue mission leaders from all over the U.S. gather in Dallas May 31-June 3 for AGRM’s annual convention, InChrist Communications will be there to present guidelines on “Performing Well Under Media Pressure,” as part of the seminar track.

Attendees will be coached on how to communicate clearly and coolly under the hot lights and aggressive questioning of a confrontational television news crew. Together with one of the nation’s premiere media coaches,  we will discuss and practice the rules of communication, optimum on-camera body language, vocal techniques, controlling nervousness and more.

Sadly, too many Christian organizations aren’t as pro-active as AGRM.  Rather, they are in denial—somehow believing they will never have to face worst-case scenarios, or if they do, they will just be able to work it out when it happens.

From 30-plus years’ experience in the media, I see that as simply a recipe for disaster. If you are not ready for a crisis, you could be eaten alive.

It can take years to undo the damage done by negative media coverage. Just look at what is happening with United Airlines and other carriers. Sometimes it’s even impossible to come back.

Don’t let that happen to your organization. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With years of experience in crisis communications, InChrist Communications knows how you need to prepare for the worst, so that you handle it the best.

We’d like to offer you a free strategy session to help you assess more clearly your vulnerability and suggest ways to reduce it. There’s no obligation. The call is free of charge and our way of giving back.

Be prepared. Contact us today.