It’s Not Too Late to Get Your 2017 PR Plan Back on Track

A free planning guide to help you maximize your media profile

If you drive past a fitness center on a regular basis, you have probably noticed that there are more empty parking spots outside the front of the building again.

That New Year’s rush of enthusiasm has come and gone for many people. All those good intentions about making this the year in which they lose those extra pounds, find their beach body, or complete a triathlon have faded in the rear-view mirror.

Similarly, some nonprofit organizations began 2017 with the goal of raising their media profile. But, like the would-be exercisers, they have let things slip.

If that’s true for your organization, it’s not too late to get back on track.

Why dreams so often die

When people set ambitious goals, they often make the same mistakes. They:

  • overestimate what can be achieved
  • under-value incremental progress
  • fail to stick with the plan


Just as physical transformation takes time, so does establishing credibility and a solid reputation with the media. Like turning up at the gym for your regular workout, committing to consistent outreach to the media will pay dividends.

How to keep the dream alive

Having a trainer can help with accountability, encouragement and advice, and that’s where InChrist Communications can help in your media efforts.

We’ve produced a media calendar that will help you make effective plans for the rest of the year.

Helping you stay on track

Our media calendar features a list of key dates in the months ahead around which you can build some of your PR efforts. Additionally, this free resource from InChrist Communications also offers ideas about when and how to think, plan and prepare for your ongoing PR efforts.

Remember, timeliness is the cornerstone of effective public relations. That means not just recognizing a great opportunity for raising your profile, but also thinking far enough ahead to prepare and produce your press releases, announcements and media advisories for maximum impact.

Our free media calendar is intended to help you jump-start or re-jump-start a strong media initiative for 2017. We believe it will help you follow through on your goals, and we’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we might assist you further.

Click here to get hold of your free copy.