SIM Testimony

Crises are crises because they come unexpectedly. Our big crisis was Ebola, which became the lead news story internationally for several weeks in 2014.

Within a couple of days in late July 2014, we realized the Ebola crisis was going to overwhelm our limited capacity and expertise to handle global media, aspects of crisis management, and public affairs.

One of the best things we did early on was contact Palmer Holt and engage InChrist Communications as our partner to speak into and help manage SIM’s media needs and opportunities related to the Ebola crisis.

Palmer and his team immediately provided us decades of experience, editorial services, public affairs knowledge, international media distribution, communications coaching, and public safety and crisis management know-how.

Without them being part of our team we would have been overstretched by the spotlight of international news reporters, security needs, and public safety concerns, and all the while trying to care for our SIM staff and ministries affected by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

With God’s hand upon us, we came through the Ebola crisis and God’s story was shared frequently around the world in a manner that glorified Him.

Bruce Johnson, President SIM USA