Client:Gospel for Asia Honors Disenfranchised Women during International Women’s Day
Date:March 13, 2015

Gospel for Asia Honors Disenfranchised Women during International Women’s Day

Female Prisoners, Prostitutes, the Poor and More Receive Food, Clothing and ‘the Love of Jesus’

NEW DELHI, India– Gospel for Asia (GFA) helped alleviate suffering of disenfranchised women during International Women’s Day this week across South Asia, where many are seen as cursed and shunned from society.

The mission organization celebrated the day by giving new saris to widows, distributing food and blankets to poor women living in slums and meeting the basic needs of some of the most disenfranchised women in society. GFA also visited female prisoners and prostitutes, and encouraged them by telling them stories of women in the Bible.

“Most people are unaware of the harsh realities some women face in this part of the world,” said Dr. K.P. Yohannan, GFA’s founder and international director. “Through International Women’s Day, we were able to give hope to those in South Asia who are abused and trampled for no other reason than they are women.”

GFA continues to help millions of women in South Asia through the award-winning film “Veil of Tears: Hope Is on the Way” ( Churches and small groups can help change the course of a woman’s life by ordering a free Movie Night Kit (

The kit includes a DVD specifically designed for movie screenings, movie posters to advertise the free showings, conversation cards that also help with promotion and wristbands with engraved messages “I Helped Rescue a Woman” or “She Is Loved.”

In “Veil of Tears” women share their personal stories of rejection, abandonment and tragedy. One story is about Suhkwinder – a woman who tried to end her life after her family shunned her for giving birth to three daughters rather than sons. Fortunately, she survived a suicide attempt and managed to meet a woman who led her to a GFA Women’s Fellowship, which helped her see the value of her life and her daughters’ lives.

The DVD includes a “Behind the Veil of Tears” featurette, including in-depth interviews with the film’s directors, the Saylors Brothers, and Dove Award-winning and Grammy-nominated Christian recording artist Natalie Grant, who served as the film’s narrator. All give insights on the challenges many women face in the region.

Proceeds from this film are donated toward GFA’s continued efforts to help improve women’s lives on social, educational, health and spiritual levels.

Gospel for Asia ( is a mission organization involved in sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.
PHOTO CUTLINE: Video clip ( from Gospel for Asia’s documentary “Veil of Tears: Hope Is on the Way,” which features Suhkwinder, a woman shunned by her family after giving birth to three girls. GFA celebrated International Women’s Day this week by ministering to disenfranchised women across South Asia.

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Gospel for Asia Honors Disenfranchised Women during International Women’s Day

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