Client: International Day of the Unreached

ICC Helps Launch First-Ever International Day for the Unreached




Reach Beyond sought to create a day to inspire audiences to action in order to reach more around the world with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, especially the two billion wordlwide who have not had the opportunity to hear the gospel or enter into a relationship with Jesus. The ministry decided to launch the first-ever International Day of the Unreached on Pentecost Sunday in 2016.

Reach Beyond tapped InChirst Communications to help develop the concept, manage the official launch of the campaign, support ministry partners and and drive media and consumer awareness around the initiative.


  • Building momentum and excitement around a new concept
  • Client’s limited social media resources, including assets and personnel

ICC Strengths and Assets:

  • Background and news judgment of ICC personnel as working journalists and faith-based PR experts
  • Strong project management skills
  • Rapport with upper management and line personnel
  • 24/7 availability
  • Ability to make major decisions and work quickly under tight deadlines
  • Personal relationships with international, national and local media
  • Distribution capabilities directly to desktops of targeted, opted-in journalists
  • Strong news writing

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Creation of an online press room and content
  • Pitching of spokespersons to print, broadcast and online media
  • Orchestration of a press conference to announce the launch at the National Religious Broadcasters conference
  • Coordination of interviews each day with Christian media on the NRB conference floor
  • Creation and execution of a social media strategy to drive visibility and engagement


  • 94 media clips/placements (41 broadcast and 53 print/online) including CBN, Outreach Magazine, USA Radio, American Family Radio, SRN and Moody Radio
  • Nearly 5,000 new Facebook fans, 23.2 million post/page impressions, over 15.4 million people reached and 454,175 people engaged with posts