PR Professionals Share Key Tips to Writing Press Releases that Can’t Be Ignored

Public relations practitioners hear the same questions over and over when they try to interest a journalist in an organization’s news event: Got something written? Got a release?

Simply put, press releases are a stylized summary of what an organization thinks is important, written in the way that journalists typically write news stories. The duties and types of press releases have grown in the Internet age, but a well-written press release remains a cornerstone of any attempt to secure media coverage. Writing an effective release isn’t rocket science, but it is not simple, either.

Reporters often get dozens of releases a day, and most are tossed aside in the crush of daily newsgathering. Only a handful get a second look: the ones that are written so reporters can quickly assess the value of their content. Those releases use compelling, but accurate language, and they contain the crucial elements that journalists need to decide whether a story is worth pursuing.

Where can you find out about those crucial elements and how to incorporate them into a press release that will get that all-important second look?

InChrist Communications has created a free guide that outlines the key characteristics of successful news releases. How to Write Compelling Press Releases that Get Results.

The guide outlines the basic mechanics of writing releases and provides tips about how to enhance copy so it appeals to reporters and editors. How to Write Compelling Press Releases that Get Results was written by InChrist Communications staffers, who collectively have worked for decades in newsrooms, public relations agencies and Fortune 100 corporation communications departments in a variety of industries. They have written–and read–hundreds of releases during their careers.

They share their insider knowledge of the communications field in the guide, which, if followed, will give any press release a better chance of cutting through today’s communications clutter.

If you want to learn how to expand or burnish your organization’s image through the media, download the handy guide, which explains the essential steps of a compelling press release. But, if the process is taking too much time or the final product isn’t measuring up, consider contacting InChrist Communications, which can produce a professional press release that will get attention for your organization. We’re here to help.

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Palmer Holt, founder and CEO, is an award-winning communications professional with more than 25 years’ experience in journalism, corporate and agency public relations, marketing and advertising.

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